-What do you think about health care and the Affordable Care Act?

Genevieve: “Health is about so much more than health care. It happens in the spaces where we live, work, play, and pray. It is affected by our income, race, gender, sexual orientation, and so many other identities. Access to affordable health care will not alleviate all of our problems, but it will at least help level the playing field. Primary care is an essential piece of the puzzle, and something we all deserve access to. The affordable care act is a step in the right direction, toward better access and improved population health.”

-Gen works and thrives at http://coalitionclinics.org.

Lauren: “I think the Affordable Care Act is a step in the right direction, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. My hope is that the ACA marks the beginning of a shift in our nation’s collective thinking, from a view of healthcare access as a privilege to a belief that it is a human right.”

-Lauren is about to start her 3rd year at OHSU School of Medicine.  She has worked in underserved medicine and addiction health care.



Genevieve Ellis and Lauren Griebel: Health care advocates and best friends

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