Charlie Proknow 25 years old and in Medical School

“I think that Oregon does a better job than most states with health care, but it’s still not perfect.  There are pieces I may not agree with, but it’s great that we are trying to cover more people.  So overall, health care in Oregon is good.”Image


Timothy Bolton – 36 years old

What do you think about healthcare?

“Healthcare is necessary and needed…maybe we should copy France.”

What has your experience been?

“My experience is if I treat people nice, nice things happen.  If I’m bad to people, bad things happen.  Oregon is awesome!  I’m homeless, but people will help you.  I used to do drugs and sell drugs.  The head of the Mentor program saved my life.  The problem was with me.  Once I addressed my problems, things got better.  I got tired of fighting the system.  OHSU helped a lot.”Image